Friday, July 20, 2012


Are you all acquainted with

If you aren't, you really should get to know that site. I was familiar with the products but it wasn't until our own orange package arrived yesterday that I truly fell in love. The anticipation of receiving the package was enough to make me happy but the actual receiving, joy!

I am not a crafty person. I like to think that statement is true for the two ways it can be interpreted. The problem with that statement is I want to be the crafty mom with all sorts of homemade stuff. I also struggle with home decor, I don't know what my style is. So that presents other problems with this desire. So in an effort to debunk my self-taught belief that I'm not crafty, I have completed two projects this year and started another. These all make me VERY happy!

Project #2 was from Shutterfly. I am not a scrapbooker but I still want to document in a fun way. Shutterfly makes this possible. I also am pretty thrilled about the concept: I'll be doing a family yearbook each year, complete with spots for the family members to sign and write their own little memories. This will be fun for the young one to see how handwriting changed or how her drawing improved. I can afford $30-$40 a year on family documenting. Plus the time I spent compiling 2011 was delightful. It was so nice to have something to work on. So Shutterfly=Happiness currently.

And finally, the latest undertaking, a quiet book. I was fortunate to find a blog that has pages I thoroughly enjoy and on top of that, the dear blogger posted her templates. I'm pretty darn excited about this one!
Let the happiness continue!

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