Monday, July 16, 2012


I absolutely LOVE making lists. There is some satisfaction in them. Whether it is a to-do list with check marks, a chronological list with numbers, a simple list with bullet points, or a list with nothing at all, I love them! My life would not be complete without a list. It makes me happy. Here is a smattering of some of my lists that make me smile. 


A list from my personal blog from a particularly frustrating day.

Top Ten Reasons to Avoid Living in an Apartment
10. Awkward moments with neighbors in the stairwells.
9. Neighbors that fight, loudly.
(Enough said.)
8. Neighbors that love, loudly.
(Probably too much said.)
7. Neighbors that party late into the wee morning hours.
(At least someone is having a good time, right?)
6. Neighbors that have band practice every Tuesday.
(At least it is consistent. Something I can count on.)
5. Writing that check every month knowing that this isn't any sort of asset, just a roof. 
(And SO grateful for that roof, don't get me wrong.)
4. A lack of a yard.
(Yes, there is grass but the neighbors below kind of treat it like their yard. It feels like we are trespassing.)
3. Lawn-mowing day every Wednesday.
 (Yes, I know this means we don't have to mow, but if we were mowing, it wouldn't ALWAYS happen during nap time.)
2. Power-washing day that leaks water through your front door.
(This is happening RIGHT NOW and I am SO upset... hence the blog post. Plus, who power-washes without giving the residents notice? Do you know how loud it is? And what if my windows had been wide open? Geez...)
1. Neighbors that think playing the piano ANY TIME of the day is okay.


Yes, Monday is Laundry Day and I list "Laundry" every Monday. 
And while I could have just written "Floors," 
I love to check boxes so I was specific. 


And below is a list I have compiled over the last six weeks of things that make me happy.
Yes, it is a happy list of happy things. 
  • A baby that loves books.
  • A miracle that makes a magical date night possible.
  • Catching up with friends.
  • Perfect cards with the perfect note.
  • song that reminds you to be better.
  • Naps.
  • Clean sheets and the Ensign.
  • Technology.
  • A full day with the husband.
  • Date night.
  • A solar eclipse.
  • Audiobooks.
  • Winning. 
  • Free games.
  • Reading and Frozen Yogurt.
  • Help.
  • Surprises.
    • Eternal Ordinances.
      • No Work.
        • Disney Movies.
          • Sleeping in, even slightly.
            • The last day of a rotten work schedule.
              • A very healthy, happy baby.
                • Hosting a fun dinner with friends.
                • Testimonies.
                • Learning something new.
                • In-town Training.
                • Packages, sunshine, and air-conditioning.
                • Baby and her nose kisses.
                • Eclairs.
                • Being out and about together.
                • Being reminded what makes a happy marriage.
                • Our Blessings.
                • An Uno Victory.
                • Paying off debt.
                • Coming to know God better.
                • Lunch and a Movie.
                • Swimming.

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